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Ok seriously. What’s going on?! How many times have you walked into Starbucks and seen a girl who couldn’t fit into her 00 jeans? Personally, I’ve lost count. It disturbs me to see so many women filling up on venti-sized coffee (no sugar added) and eating absolutely no food! Don’t be fooled, when they tell you they’re “naturally” that small, but the last time you saw them eating was 2002, you do the math. Something is just not adding up!

So if you see a girl whose size 00’s don’t fit her AND you’ve noticed that she really doesn’t eat too often, PLEASE, by all means, tell her to put down the trip skinny latte, go to her local restaurant and order a nice, juicy CHEESEBURGER! No excuses. She can even get a turkey burger or a veggie burger, just as long as it has all the trimmings and some fries too.

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Are you one of those women who believes everything you hear? Just because they put it in print doesn’t make it true. I don’t want you to take anyone’s word as fact, not even mine. I want you to do the research and believe the fact for yourself. Well let’s test you out and see how gullible you may be.

Do you believe that…

1. The woman on the magazine cover really looks like that?

2. The thinner you get the prettier and happier you will be?

3. You can lose 5 inches in five days.

4. That the celebrity in the article who weighs 100 lbs and 5’8 is completely normal?

5. You have to eat diet food to lose weight?

6. Thin = healthy and fat= unhealthy?

7. Everything that I have said so far sounds crazy, and not scientifically possible?

If you found yourself saying “yes” to any of these questions, thank goodness you’ve found us. You’re home now with people who love you and don’t just want you to change for an “ideal” look. Stay with us and we promise to show you just how deep the rabbit hole of thin obsession really goes.

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Stop living in fear that food is your worst enemy. Food was made to enjoy! The next time you tell yourself “I can’t eat that” stop and ask yourself, “Is this truly for my health or am I trying to live up to an ideal?” Everything in moderation is the key to living a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. Too much of ANYTHING is bad (over-exercising, over-eating, too much sugar, too much starvation.) Too much of a GOOD thing is still a bad thing. If you can begin to live this rule out you are on your way to loving the healthier happier you!

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We are in a cultural crisis. Not the kind that happens in third world countries like Iraq or the Sudan. Our crisis involves a lack of cheeseburger consumption. I would like to think that we as women could concern ourselves with the daily suffering that is occurring around the world. Instead we are told to worry about our weight. But I think it’s time that we as women have to start having a voice of our own. It’s time to say here and now EAT A CHESSEBURGER. I think to help facilitate us in this process we’re gonna need some cheeseburger rules.

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